So why do you need artvertising rather than advertising? Imagine a creative solution with the purpose of an advertisement, but with a higher aesthetic value and a deeper human touch. Art that holds the interest of the clients while at the same time seen by the customers as something that can become a 'collection' instead of a mere marketing tool.

The word artvertising comes from art and advertising, but our definition of art is leaning towards local values that can reach into the heart of the audience.
As the people of a nation with rich heritage and traditional belief, Indonesian audience's strong roots are easier to be penetrated by a message with local values. We interpret both the traditional and the modern elements of the world around us through manual and digital process, creating aesthetic communication that builds a more positive perception in the customers' mind.
The bottom line is, when they feel connected to a message, they can feel connected to the product. Artvertising serves as the bridge.
Ariekotama does not only advertising; we do artvertising which integrates the interests of the
clients and the needs of the consumers.
We love what we do! Passion is the most important thing to bring a creative solution to life, and we put a whole lot of passion into our work. Apart from intense brainstorming, Ruang Kinarya Ariekotama gains new insights every day through continuous observation towards the world around us, allowing the best ideas to take form as a solution; artvertising instead of mere advertising.

Creative Director
Creative Director

Yulia Ekawati Firdaus
Finance & HRD Manager

Kunto Baskoro
Art Director

Mikhail Eraga
Junior Art Director

Riny Tri Hardanty
Junior Art Director

Faisal Arief
Junior Art Director

Grucia F. M. Ilyas
Junior Project Manager

New Artvertising Team
Ruang Kinarya Ariekotama is a consultant for the developments of creative strategy, visual communication design and art direction. We provide solutions for clients in the field of marketing communication and branding activities such as advertising, public relations, social marketing, etc.
Above and Below
Develop emotional artfully engaging promotional and marketing activities in the retail/ consumer level, granting brand experience and direct benefit through out-store to in-store promotions, activations, gimmicks, special programs, etc.
Commercial Art Solution
Integrate art and commercial strategies to create a more intricate communication arts that suits the taste of both the client and the consumer.
Create effective packaging that brings out the best side of the product and attracts consumers.
Branding and Rebranding
Breathe life into a brand through a comprehensive strategy that takes all brand elements into account.
Creative Solution
Develop creative mantra for business idea development, conceptual plan, product design and help the new client to grow into the right path and direction.
Special Design Project
Work on specific client visual communication arts requests and deliver the best results according to the brief.
A clear vision and mission allow us to have a goal, and the same applies to our projects as we know what we are aiming for in each of them.

The vision of Ruang Kinarya Ariekotama is to become the most innovative creative consultant in Indonesia — competing with foreign creative consultants while maintaining the authenticity and the originality of local ideas, which in turn will benefit the client in particular and the Indonesian people in general.

Ruang Kinarya Ariekotama has a mission to provide the best service in terms of the creativity of our works and in terms of our performances as experienced by our clients. In depth and authentic creative research also becomes our foundation to find applicable solutions to form the right marketing communication tools for the clients. On the other hand, social activities including sponsorships and tutorial classes for the visual art community in Indonesia show our INDIENESIA spirit.
Our work is driven by meaning, honesty and high quality. We take pride on delivering made-to-measure projects which are always based on understanding the big picture.

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NESTLE HEALTHY KIDS, CSR Program PT. Nestle Indonesia

JEJAMURAN Resto, Jogjakarta
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